Csaba Benko, known as CAP, hails from the small Hungarian town, Oroshaza. His enthusiasm towards music showed in a very early age, so much so that at the age of 1 his father’s headphones were already his favourite playthings. When he was 13, CAP formed a break dance crew with his friends. Without access to the Internet they had only a small number of tracks, CAP’s answer was to mix tracks together so that the crew had a wider variety of music to dance to.

Once he started this he caught the ‘music bug’, and at the age of 15 he was composing instrumentals for Hungarian underground rap artists like Day, Steve Antal, Mikee Mykanic, Bobakrome and Milli Chab. By the time he turned 18 he had featured countless tracks. At this point CAP created a small studio in his room, where he could record sound in a much better quality and put in the effort to improve his studio mixing & mastering skills. In 2009 he won a remix competition for Siska Finuccsi. In 2010 CAP, and two friends, decided to form a band, Hiányzó Láncszem (Missing Link), with the aim to reform Hungarian instrumental music in underground hip-hop.

Their first album, Élő Zaj (Live Noise) came out in 2011, which featured Hungarian heavy-hitters like Marge, Szokratesz and Siska Finuccsi, was very well received and within a month Steve Antal asked the band to co-produce his upcoming album Dogma.

All the 16 songs featured on Dogma were made by the band, which won an award for best album of 2011. In 2012 CAP moved to England to fulfil his long-term goals in music and in 2013 he took part in a project called Euroskankin’, released through Beat Bazaar, where he collaborated with Bedos (France), C-Zar (Netherlands) and Mr. Fox (Jamaica). CAP has many projects in the pipelines independently and through Beat Bazaar.