Capital XTRA’s Music Potential

18-25?  Not currently working or training?  Dreaming of a career in the music industry?   Come along to the Music Potential BOOTCAMP Music Industry Seminar on FRIDAY, APRIL 21, GORILLA, MANCHESTER and find out what it takes.  Don’t miss out, register now! 


From the bedroom laptop to the studio 24 track, production in 2017 a fast changing and developing world that is hard to keep up to date with. So what do you need to do to get a high quality sound in your productions? And when you’ve completed your tracks what do you do next? How do collection societies work? What are mechanical rights? Did you sort your publishing out? Should you have added IRSC codes at the start? What are we going on about? Maybe worth your time this one then.

  • DJ SS (Record Producer/ DJ: Formation Records / World of Drum and Bass)
  • ZED BIAS (Record Producer/ DJ: Exit records / Tru Thoughts / Biasonic)
  • DAVE TOLAN (Record Producer: Ministry of Sound/ Primal Scream / Johnny Marr / The Charlatans)
  • CHIMPO (Record Producer / DJ: Levelz / Exit Records / Metalheadz)
  • ROLAZ (Record Producer / DJ: Team Rukus / No Noise `


Despite the rise of online, traditional media is still important for reaching the public, of being able to break a record and turn you from underground to mainstream. To make this next step you need to be ready with music videos, press releases, with interview techniques and an identity that gets you noticed from the artist just behind you. This panel will look at the best ways of getting your music onto radio and TV. How to get more followers on YouTube and which blogs will cover you.

  • DEAN PAUL MCLOUGHLIN (Music Manager, Unity Radio)
  • ADAM SENED (Director, DLO Media)
  • JACK BANNER (CEO, Bloc2Bloc Entertainment)
  • SAM OLIVEIRA (Director, Reform Radio)


It’s all good having track getting 10.000 plays on Facebook or planning a video shoot that can get you on Bloc2Bloc, but it’s no use without being able to perform. Here we gather the key people that matter in the world of live music – from promotion to venues and onwards. How do you get gigs? What do promoters look for? What do venues look for? How do you find an agent? And most importantly, how do you get more than just your mates there?

  • NIKKI EUPHONIQE ( Promoter / Label Owner, Subwoofah Records)
  • JAMES HEAVYFEET ( Promoter, Heavyfeet)
  • PETER TODD (Artist Manager/Label Boss, No Hats No Hoods)
  • BRIAN MURPHY (Promoter, Vic Warehoouse, Pier Jam)


Everybody’s Facebook, everybody’s Twitter and everybody’s Snapchat, what’s next? You have your profile, your tracks and your friends, but how do you make the most of being online, of networks and forums, to put yourself forward against the other 5m artists out there? Find out the best ways to make the most of your time on line in the digital era.



Often the best way to find out what it takes to get ahead, how it feels to enjoy the success and what to do when you’re up there, is to ask those who are doing it right now. As key artists on road, not just in Manchester but internationally, they will be here in the round to talk about what it means to be an artist and what it takes to get to the next level. If you can get a word in you might just get a chance to ask them how it’s done.

  • MR FOX (Levelz)
  • ENVY (Bats Inda Belfry)
  • ELF KID ( No hats No Hoods)
  • JSD (Virus Syndicate)
  • TYLER DALY (Children of Zeus)


Are you a performer, singer, songwriter, MC, DJ, Lyricist? Are you 18-25 and not surrently working or studying? We have a limited number of performance opportunities available on the night for emerging artists, who are ready to Unleash Their Potential with Capital Xtra’s Music Potential.

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