Hailing from Manchester, Ebere ‘s tantalising vocals will seduce your senses and energise your minds.  This rootsy lady frequently immerses herself in Nigerian and Cuban Orisha influences and has collaborated with bands such as Speakeasy and River Niger Band at the festival de Senigallia.

Ebere, aka Michelle Udogu claims her unique and soulful vocals are a result of her maintaining an open mind in the experimentation of Music.

She supported Public Enemy with her band 2FO and also performed with the Gorillaz live as part of the choir.  She has worked with several other bands, more recently The Effectuators, who were a jazzy funky affair.

Ebere frequently travels across the oceans to explore and nurture her musical inspirations, collaborating with artists along the way.

Through Beat Bazaar Ebere started collaborating with Backdraft exploring the darker electronic musical styles.  Ebere features on Backdrafts forthcoming debut album

Currently Ebere is working  towards her own EP.