At just 13 years old Giovanni Laylor aka GVANI, has already managed to earn the title ‘musical genius’ in the Beat Bazaar camp. GVANI  doesn’t only produce huge head-banging beats, he is also a very skilful lyricist.  We cannot wait to release his first tune, which also happens to be the first track he ever made. One thing is for sure, GVANI  has a great musical future ahead of him!

“My name is Giovanni Laylor (also known as GVANI ) and I’m a 14- year old music producer and MC. Ever since I was young I have always had a talent in writing and being able to express my feelings through my words. I started to get into the music side of things when my English teachers picked up on my ability to write furthermore leading on to me making instrumental beats on my laptop.”

“At first the program I used was very basic but I still managed to put together some hip hop beats from it. From this early age my mother has also shown me some rap artists such as Tupac, Kanye West, and Eminem in whom I took a strong interest in. They all had their individual style of writing and personality that stood out and inspired me to become a music artist myself, combining both my writing skills and my music ability’s.”

To achieve his goals and progress musically, GVANI  has been extremely proactive. He sought help from Richard Sliwa of Gorse Hill Studios who introduced him to Logic 9 and taught him how make simple drum beats. GVANI  was very quick to pickup the basics and was soon making advanced melodies, that were blowing everyone away.

GVANI  has been busy collaborating with various artists and producers.  He has produced several tracks that will be revealed later this year.