Let’s Roll

Beat Bazaar Records has officially arrived, we are rollin’  

Our first release is Make A Change. the powerful debut single from singer-songwriter Empress Asher  and Lorien Edwards, both from Manchester.   Make a Change is also the first single from the forthcoming Feel Good Album,  which was created in a music collaboration project organised by Beat Bazaar Projects.

The collaboration involved a group of musicians from Manchester, as well as talented designers and filmmakers and resulted in 10 songs, which will be released over the coming months.

Make a Change has received some great feedback and is being played on local radio stations.  The powerful music video was made by JME Dzynz.  The artwork was designed by Zakk Barnes.

DJ Masterpeace Manchester Unity Radio 92.8fm X Unity“!!!!!! deep deep bass soul straight out of the MCR!! all about feel good music”

Stevie Street  Legacy 90.1 Fm (Manchester) / www.legacy901.com:  “Will get behind this ! Song wise it’s saying something which I like . I think listners are gonna need to hear this quite a few times before it begins to sink in.”

JAMES TULLY  Solar Radio “Love it!!!!!”

FITZY B Legacy 90.1 Fm (Manchester) www.legacy901.com “Very good vocals from the songstress, will be spinning it on my show!!”

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