The 69 Project was formed in 2010 by Róbert Horváth (Rob JR) and Ádám Kalocsai from Northern Hungary. After several full banging house parties the 2 producers decided to write music together.

They spent the following year experimenting with different tricks in the studio, until they finally started to make some progress. The cutting edge production duo created several high quality tracks, building up their profile and becoming more and more established in Hungary, whilst making international music connections.

They have recently moved to the UK, settling in Liverpool, where they continue to make beats and collaborate with artists worldwide. Their aim is to climb higher and higher and contribute to the UK sound, shaping the tones of Great Britain.

The pair have recently hooked up with Beat Bazaar and musical collaborations are already in the pipeline with several artists from the Beat Bazaar Collective, with releases planned for 2016.